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    As mentioned, things seem quite slow in here and I might throw a little activity into the Board

    Trailered Smoke and Mirrors down to my Parents place in The Villages near Ocala. Spent a day feasting on Mom's cooking only to find the road calling.

    Always wanted to ride the Suwannee River, but wasn't all that impressed. The roads were basically straight and the surrounding land quite bland.

    First stop, Williston. Not much there except an old generator with some historical value.

    It was part of a 100KW electrical distribution system dating back to 1923. It was used for 7 years.

    A few sights along the way

    Then into Fanning Springs State Park

    What a Joke! Nothing like Homossassa or Silver Springs

    Just a hole with water coming out. It was 6 bucks for admission and only good for THAT park, not all of them, unlike here in Michigan.

    Next stop, Suwannee

    Again, not impressed. I had hopes it would present itself like another Cedar Key. It's primarily a set of canals with a few marinas.

    Back onto 19 North through Cross City toward Steinhatchee

    That was pretty cool.

    Either an old restaurant or fish house

    The time of day and threat of rain made me turn back. Still a pretty nice 300+ mile day.

    Next Stop, Islamorada.....

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    If you find yourself in Jacksonville, stop by the equestrian center. I am shooting the Feathered Horse National Champinships today through Sunday.
    Gypsy Vanner horses. I don't think there's a prettier breed of horses!

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      Nice photo, Jerry

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        Thank You.

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      Shoeman on your way back stop off at schibleys winery. They make their iwn bear and wine they sre slittle north of florida city.also this weekend in miami beach convention is a motorcycle venue like the aim that was held in orlando a few months ago. Lots if venders

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        Aaaah. Just about perfect weather! 10 days of mid 70's to 80 degrees.

        First day's sunrise

        Even the water turned pink. Awesome!

        According to the forecast it called for mostly cloudy conditions. Might as well get the Key West thing out of the way. I won't bore you with all the tourist crap...lol We've all been there.

        Spent a few days just making short trips to the Sunset Grill at the foot of the 7 Mile Bridge and up to Key Largo.

        Day 5 I called for a ride to Flamingo. OK, been there several times to fish the Shark river and Whitewater Bay and basically forgot the distances.

        Wife on the back with the promise of Schibley's...

        Too early for lunch, but the Gator Grill looked inviting

        Got to the entrance of the Park, paid the 6 bucks and motored on... just to see the sign Flamingo 38 Miles... I had enough fuel, but it was going to be tight, especially with the winery a few miles out of the way on the way back.

        I coaxed my wife to pose next to the "Cougar" crossing.

        She was hoping to see "some wildlife", but increasingly got bored with the landscape. Swamp grass, bushes and the occasional crow... for 38 miles...

        Got down to Mingo with a 178 miles on that tank... riding 2-up.... Hmmmm

        "Don't get me stuck in this god-forsaken place!"

        Snapped a few pics

        Found a gas pump at the Marina. It's mostly used by the Park personnel.

        5.27 a gallon.... I guess better than getting the queen stranded!

        On the way out I had her express how she "really" felt. At least she smiled

        To be continued... (if there's any interest)

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          Some nice looking pictures, we started to head down that way a few years ago but opted out, didn't want the heat and bugs but from my chair right now it's looking pretty good down there. Snowing here now and any place warms sounds good. Have a great ride.

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            Nice write up and pics...

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              Thanks guys!

              Left the Park and stopped at Robert's on the way to Schibley's. What a gold mine. 30+ flavors of honey, veggies of every kind and their famous shakes/fruit drinks made fresh.

              It also included a petting zoo for the little ones. Turtles the size you could ride, 18 kinds of geese, chickens, emu and a few of these

              Seemed like everything in there was butting heads or chasing each other. Quite comical! Brilliant on the owner's part. They ate all the spoiled fruit and vegetables. Never seen a duck eat an artichoke...lol

              Schibley's Winery. In the middle of fields and ornate plantations a Mansion and a full parking lot.

              The Garden was spectacular

              We sampled about 12 wines (combined) and not one of them was made with grapes. Very unique flavors, but not my cup of tea at 20 some bucks a bottle (minimum) Avocado Wine???

              Ended up spending too much time there and got caught in the traffic jam from hell on Key Largo, but made it back to watch the sunset at Lorelei

              I think all of Islamorada goes there to watch it. It is quite spectacular

              A few of the boaters that anchor out use the "Limo" to partake in the festivities.

              We just mingle with the other transplants that come down each year. (into the night)

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                Looks like you had a really great trip!
                I need to come back down here sometime when It is not work related!

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