New Years Day RTE in Lansing, MI

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  • New Years Day RTE in Lansing, MI

    We here in Michigan have been meeting on New Years day every year for several years (6-7?) and will do so again this year. If anyone would like to join us we'd love to see you there. Ride, drive, pedal or walk we don't care how you get there.

    Steak N' Shake
    540 E. Edgewood Blvd. Lansing, MI 48911

    12:00 till ???
    __________________________________________________ ___________
    "The worst of all fears is the fear of living", Theodore Roosevelt

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    Will join you again and thanks for doing this every year. Anyone close, come join us, the more the merrier - and the best of the season to everyone.

    Crabby Bob

    Retired and riding a Goldwing - Life is good!
    2001 Gl1800A - Illusion Red
    DS # 1258 - Double Darkside

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      In the middle of moving so can't make it. Look forwrd to seeing you guys in the Spring.
      Recently moved to TN my native state, Feels good to be back home.

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      • crabbywinger
        crabbywinger commented
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        You want to be Southern boys have more excuses than....... Take care my friend look forward to seeing you when it warms up.

        Crabby Bob

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      I'm plannin' on bein' there.

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      • crabbywinger
        crabbywinger commented
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        You're buying right? Just kidding, looking forward to seeing you again. Take care.

        Crabby Bob

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      Yeah, I was plannin' on buyin' one of those $4 meals... and a Shake, of course.

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      • crabbywinger
        crabbywinger commented
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        Nice come back. I'll probably join you on that. See you Thursday.

        Crabby Bob

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      I'll be there, see you guy's then.

      Dark Sider 1020
      Michlin Alpin PA3 ZP
      Centramatic Wheel Balancers

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