April 2015 SW Spring Retreat the 4 x 500

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  • April 2015 SW Spring Retreat the 4 x 500

    By April 1st a lot of us will be itching for a spring retreat ride. Joe (Doxxx) and I talked about replacing this year's rat ride with a different ride, perhaps a little more relaxed. Easter is Sunday April 5th, so the dates for this ride will be Wednesday April 1 and finish Saturday April 4th.

    Starting in DFW or you can join in along the way. We will do a 4 day trip totaling about 2000 - 2300 miles. We plan to ride around 550 miles each day, then depending on weather, we can either Hotel or camp. Or some can camp and some can hotel each night. We will cover approx 550 miles each day which equates to about 8 hours of saddle time. This will allow quite a bit of "visiting" in the evenings at each stop.


    DFW to Arizona, ride the 191 all the way to Utah, hit four corners, cortez colorado, Durango, Albuquerque then back to DFW.

    We can add 300 miles and hit the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley. Brings total to about 2300 miles.

    I know being early spring we can hit, snow, rain, ice, hail and tornadoes.....but heck that is what makes it an adventure Highway 191 in Arizona is a must ride, and I think spring is the best time.

    We usually stop about every 130 miles for gas and a break.

    If we do the Grand Canyon route here is a possible schedule:

    Wednesday April 1:

    Leave DFW Wednesday 6am ride to Las Cruces NM = 649 miles

    Thursday April 2:

    Las Cruces NM to Grand Canyon AZ via 191 = 560 miles (camp atMather Campground on the South Rim ) hopefully get there in time to watch sunset and watch sunrise in the morning.

    Friday April 3:

    Grand Canyon to Monument Valley and 4 corners to Santa Fe NM 530 miles or Las Vegas NM 653 miles, makes for a 573 mile day on Saturday. If we don't do Monument Valley and 4 corners it would be 521 miles to Las Vegas NM. Which we would probably ride to Tucumcari NM 612 miles.

    Saturday April 4:

    Santa Fe to DFW 614 miles, or Las Vegas NM to DFW 573 miles. Or Tucumcari to DFW 448 miles if we don't do Monument Valley.

    IRON BUTT SS1000 option:
    If you want to get your Iron Butt ride, you can leave DFW Wed at 4am and arrive at Grand Canyon Village at about 11pm 1030 miles.

    Then hang out Thursday explore the park and we will meet you Thursday afternoon. This would be a nice option since you will have 2 nights and a full day of rest Thursday. I would offer to ride with you but I don't want to miss highway 191 (aka Devil's highway)

    Here is the route in Tourstart.org


    Click image for larger version

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