Wet, then cold - but riding!

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  • Wet, then cold - but riding!

    Monday I chose to ride the bike down to Florida for a class. To be honest I was still flipping coins 45 minutes before I pulled out whether to ride or drive the truck. It rained 2/3 of the way down to Tampa with a couple tornado watches along the way, ending in a nice fairly clear ride down 301 and 75.

    While here, it's been colder in the 30's and 40's than it normally is back in eastern NC (although the wife was telling me it was 23 up there yesterday morning).

    Tomorrow I'll leave out of Tampa headed back north with it clear and ~50 degrees (blazing hot compared to what's going on in the north right now) and arriving home with it clear and ~47.

    Complaining? Hell no!!. I'm just happy I can keep riding. So if you're on 75, 301 or 95 on Friday and see a smiling rider on a red 08, pulling a CM-2000, honk and smile back. I'll be loving life!!
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    Give em heck Clay. Enjoy!
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