2014 MAM Oyster Festival....The True Story

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  • 2014 MAM Oyster Festival....The True Story

    Could this really have been the 7th year for our Mid-Atlantic Mob’s Lead Pencil Run (Oyster Festival)? WOW where has the time gone! And yet I remember each one as if they were yesterday due to all of the fun and all of the characters that made/make it happen. This year we topped out at 60 plus in attendance when we count all the riders and locals. We were so big this year that even with some of the “regulars” not making the ride over to the fairgrounds, we could not get in front of the gate to get our picture since we blocked the place. LOL

    The real beauty of the location that surrounds our hotel is what keeps us coming back year after year.

    OK, so maybe I stretched the truth a bit. What really keeps us coming back year after year are THESE.

    The stuff this guy puts out could win him a spot on Dock Side Chopped (it’s a new cooking show I am working on where Bikers out cook and drink the Boaters).

    Awe shucks, I would be remiss if I did not highlight the “crew”. These guys really need to stay over at the Oyster Festival and sign up to compete. Keeping up with all the hungry mouths that hovered around the shucking table was a serious job I tell ya. Good thing I have an “in” with a few of the shuckers.

    The only complaint I heard during the entire weekend was about the size of this year’s Oysters. Gosh, just can’t please everyone I tell ya. But at least if they got stuck in your throat, there was something to wash them down with.

    Now not everyone wants their Oysters Raw, so once again we put the Madam of the Deep Fryer to the test, and of course she did not disappoint. I can still taste those Hush Puppies and Fried Oysters.
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    Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
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    Ya say that fried and raw are still not to your liking. WELL, let me show you what “heaven” looks like (from a strictly taste bud prospective of course). A few years ago a few of our members went on a recon missions and while over at the Oyster Festival we found a booth that was selling scalded Oysters that were covered on the halfshel with garlic, butter, and a touch of BBQ sauce. My fingers are trembling with even typing this as these were/are so good. So of course, we stole the secret recipe and with a few modifications, went our own way. I have to stop now as I am drooling again.

    BUT WAITE!!!! What would a Lead Pencil gathering be without Oyster VIRGINS? Man they seemed to be everywhere this year. I almost lost count of how many we had. Heck, even I tried to be a Virgin again, but no one appeared to like my rendition of Madonna. While Tom was a real trooper and guzzled his down, after protesting loudly that there was no way HE would eat one, (should I mention just how many times he went BACK for more. LOL. Now the ladies………well, that might have been a different story, and I’ll let the pictures tell it.

    But they were real Troopers and got the job done.

    Now my good friend Rob, who was our “Jersey” connection was a little disappointed that we were not going to have a PIG this year for BBQ’ing. Not wanting to miss out, and with typical quick thinking he took care of the problem for us.

    This gathering comes with many traditions and honestly I was worried that we may have finally reached a time when one of them was about to change. Every year, our very own Margarita Will kicks off the Oyster Festival event while greeting the Oyster King. But alas, he was nowhere to be found and what were we to do, so it was decided that we would get a “stand in” to take his place.

    BUT WAITE, the tradition continues, as Will finally came too………ah, I mean woke up…….no, no, I meant to say, got a late start over to the fairgrounds in time to complete his obligation. It would appear that he still had a bit of a buzz going on.

    This year was marked by a special occasion. Our very own Tammy from Nashville was celebrating a birthday. And while I am not allowed to show ALL of the birthday pictures/presents she received, I can show you a few that my lovely bride made for her to give to her granddaughters. Three handmade dresses complete with matching purses, and bloomers (I think that is what you call them.)

    Now EVERYONE knows (accept our friends from Nashville) that you CAN NOT go to Southern Maryland and NOT have a stuffed ham sandwich. It’s the only place in the country where you can get these, so it was fitting that yet ANOTHER tradition be met with the obligatory sampling of the Southern Maryland Stuffed Ham Sandwich. I should point out that NONE of it was shared.

    While there were many great moments these are just a few of the ones that were captured for sharing. So much fun was had, and the food was fantastic, along with the good company and of course the Queen of Mixology who tirelessly made batch after batch, after batch of our now famous MAM version of the Mop Bucket. What’s in a Mop Bucket you ask???? I have no idea, so you will need to ask her or just show up and get some.

    Everyone that attended made it all possible and of course our good friend JD and his lovely bride Beth Anne who once again supported this event. Special thanks to all who worked so hard with the food, drinks, clean up, set up, firewood (thanks Jay), and all who played a part. This all happens because of you.

    I just can’t help but wonder what next year will be like.

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    Why sweat the leg thing when I can still ride a Goldwing
    Member of the Hann-Amigo Trio

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      Good pics Jim, feeling bad here in the deep south for missing it, maybe next year. I especially noticed the last pic of 'wheels', enjoying the end of a perfect day.

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        Great post!
        A Happy Traveler Has No Particular Destination.

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          Hey Wheels as always a great time was had by all, there is No way anyone could have had a bad time. Thanks for the pictures they are very nice your friend Big Bill.

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            It was indeed an awesome time!

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              7 years and I have been to only 1. For whatever reason this is a busy time of the year for me. This year I gained a daughter in-law on the 18th. I hope Wheels is able to continue this. The one I attended was a real good time. Look forward to the next one.
              Old Fred

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                Great post Jim..

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