It Mustn't Have been a Good Day to Die?

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  • It Mustn't Have been a Good Day to Die?

    On this past Sunday I came as close to Riding over the Great Divide as I ever have on my Scoot.

    Beautiful fall day, sunshine and clear, temperature about 17C.
    Two lane hiway, just west of Hedley British Coluimbia.
    Newly paved section of road, about two months ago, had no bearing on what happened, except for the Smoke Show.

    I was riding west bound, no traffic in front or behind me.
    I was in a very slight left hand corner, meeting a long line of oncoming traffic.
    I think, in retrospect, that I had looked at the oncoming traffic and dismissed it as any perceived threat.
    In that line of oncoming traffic, about midpoint, was a transport truck.

    At some point, I realized that the truck was in my lane, passing the cars, over a double solid line.
    the speed limit was 100kph, about 60 mph.
    I was travelling at about 105kph,around 65mph.
    I suspect the truck was travelling about the same, trying to complete his pass.

    I think we saw each other and recognized the threat about the same time, as I saw the smoke begin when he hit his brakes.
    The only thought I remember, until the danger had passed was, This Is It.

    I think that I just reacted, don't remember thinking about any thoughts of evasion.
    I went to my right, over the Fog line, and then as I approached his trailer wheels, saw them still locked up, begin to cross the Fog Line towards me.

    Then I was past him.
    Lots of smoke in my mirrors.
    But I had never hit the brakes, and was still travelling at about 100kph, so I don't even think that I let off the throttle.

    Then I had lots of thoughts, mostly about maybe stopping to do some paper work, but then rally, I wasn't all that scared, nervous, yes.
    I proceed to Princeton, about 25 or 30k, and stopped at the A&W, had a root beer and contemplated life for nearly an hour.

    Lots of thoughts.
    He nearly killed me!
    I should do something. What?
    I know that he was over the solid line, but suspect that when he began his pass, he wasn't.
    It was probably never a safe pass, tho.
    Although he was in the wrong when I met him, (the trucker), how did he get there?

    I suspect the real cause was a very slow car, that others caught up to and didn't pass, and others then piled up behind it, causing frustration, leading to the trucker making a unsafe pass.
    At the very least I know that I wasn t the only one who had paperwork to do, as I strongly suspect that he, also had paper to do.

    I don't reallu know how close it was, but there is only about 3 feet of pavement outside the fog line, and I was in that, and so was some part of his trailer.

    It has been raining ever since I got home, so no riding, but today, the sun is out, so I am off.

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    Glad your still alive to talk about it!! You need a couple of to relax you!

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      Too close for comfort indeed. Some of these jerks that drive on highways and go slow enough to be a danger to others do not realize what kind of situation they create. As you mention, it is possible a cluster formed behind a yahoo and then nerves unravel and then the danger zone starts coming into play, all because of a slow driving bozo. I see it happen quite often. I hope you have a better ride the next time out.
      Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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        Wow. What a story. Glad you survived it.
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          I lost a friend of mine in Colorado when the same thing happened to him, except he had a car in front of him, and as the last minute the car dove off to the right and then my friend saw the Pickup truck and it was too late. His wife was riding co-rider and she was in a coma for months and is still somewhat impared.

          I'm very glad that you survived and lived to tell us about it.
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            A auto going far below the speed limit is a hazard but is not a reason to perform an unsafe passing attempt. That guy should not be driving a moped never mind a truck.

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              It can get a little exciting on the Crow now and then. Still, it's a beautiful ride.
              I have no issue with the random drug testing for professional drivers, however, some claim that such a program would cripple the economy.
              Now what does that say about our values.

              If there is a true trucker God, that driver owns those tires and that was a very expensive stupid mistake that nobody got hurt.
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                Thanks Guys
                I did 700kms today,uneventfully, a cool but very nice fall ride

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                  Oh Sorry, I meant to add that I am a professional truck Driver
                  My day job is hauling logs and I too support random drug testing for Professional drivers

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                    Good thing we are reading what your typing! Things like your experience should humble us! Glad your still above ground!
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                    I have never thrown a leg over any make or model of motorcycle and had nothing but a good time!!"""""""

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