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  • 6,390 miles in 12 days

    Great trip first part of Sept. NE Oklahoma to Needles Hwy and then Devils Tower. Then on to Redlodge, MT and Beartooth Pass with a little snow/sleet. Down through northern Yellowstone and back up to Glacier NP (Two Medicines, Many Glacier and Road to the Sun). Then to Mt St Helens and on to Sequim,WA, down the coast on 101 to Astoria, OR and about 1/3 of the coast till my patience wore thin from traffic. Then to Crater Lake, back up to Portland and both sides of the Columbia River. Then Hwy 12 (which is great) to Lewiston and on to Lola. Took Old Spiral Hwy at Lewiston. Kind of neat. Then south through Flaming Gorge and down to Montrose, CO. Wanted to go to Durango but raining for several days and forecast for more. Last day was 824 miles back home.

    Can't load pics... Just get error every time. Sorry

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    That's a nice trip!
    I've been to most of those places except Crater Lake. Guess I'll have to run back out there again and take a look....

    How was crater lake and the surrounding areas?

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      bbalzer, that is a great trip, and excellent roads to ride on. Too bad you didn't let us know in advance, because you just rode a circle around my property. I could have easily met you at any of the places along the Olympic Peninsula, the Oregon Coast, Crater Lake, Portland, etc, etc, etc....and the dinner would have been on me.

      Hope the ride was everything you hoped for.

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        Only issue I have with your trip is you dd not swing by here and get me to tag along!! Sounds like one nice ride you had! Congrats!
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          Wow. That's a lot of miles, but some beautiful country. That last leg would have had my entire lower half numb.

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            It was a great trip. Crater lake itself was pretty and there were trees all around. It was pretty. I still think my favorite is montana (except the eastern part) and th coasts of Washinton and Oregon. Another highlight for me was highway 12 from east of Walla Walla to Lola, ID.
            If I can every get pics to post, I will post a few. I've been to Glacier twice now on the Goldwing. Would like to go again and then go on further north into Canada. I hear that is the most beautiful area almost anywhere.

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              Excellent Ride....

              Agreed .... Ride up and stay in Bannf , Canada for a couple of days like we did and ride north up towards Jasper. Best and most beautiful I've seen.

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              • bbalzer
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                I read your blog. Great job. The area really looked great. Thanks. I enjoyed it.

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              Very nice trip. Work on getting those pictures loaded.

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              • bbalzer
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                Gave up on pictures from my iPad. Forum responded that the size couldn't be larger than a certain size. I resized one smaller than they said. Have tried multiple times. Always get an error.
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