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  • 12 Incredible Rides

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    I was surprised that I have only done 6 of them. Guess I had better mount up!
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      Ridden most of those west of the Mississippi...surprised that Beartooth was omitted as well as through the Cascades in Washington not to mention countless others...my motto...so many roads, so little time.

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        I have done 4 by myself and only 1 with my new wife so we will have to hit up some roads and make some memories.
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          I've ridden 3 of them and a couple are already on my bucket list.
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            I've done 6 of them. Can't wait to do more. To me the most incredible ride of my motorcycling adventures(45 years worth) is the Alaska Highway, 1422 mile from Dawson Creek to Delta Junction. Nothing else I have done equals that ride for scenery, adventure, wildlife and the WOW factor,

            Recently moved to TN my native state, Feels good to be back home.

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              I have done 8 of them.

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                Thanks Ken, I've done 6 of them.

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                  I've done 3 of them...and hope to do the rest.

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