700 mile Amarillo ride

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  • 700 mile Amarillo ride

    I just returned from a 700-mile roundtrip from DFW to Amarillo to visit an old friend that I grew up with. This ride revealed three important things to me:

    ONE: I Love my Twisted Core cooling undergarments. The more I wear these, the more I like them. They really do keep me cool.

    TWO: My latest Guhl ECU reflash has really reduced my mileage. Don Guhl warned me of this possibility before I had it done. I only averaged 36.6 mpg. I usually average 38.8.

    THREE: The super dark highway convinced me that my SoCalMotoGear LED Fog/Driving lights were a good investment. I was able to really put them to the test by turning them on and off several times on the pitch black highway. They REALLY light up the sides of the road where critters might be waiting to lunge out in front of me.

    Click image for larger version

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    Stopping for coffee in Childress, TX
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    I could have really used that cooling since a month ago when I traveled that same stretch of highway. Bike showed 107 degrees while riding! Had to stop at half tank intervals to drink a 20oz bottle of water in order to stay hydrated.
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      Looks like you are three for three on your latest additions! Congrats!
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        That area around childress and Memphis is horrible due to deer. We counted 45 in a 24 mile stretch one afternoon/evening. We stopped riding at night due to deer.

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