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    Here is a follow up story with great pictures and info.
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      So, I've updated the original blog with a LOT more photos...

      ...and made it two-parts, since it's pretty photo intense.

      Great trip - highly recommend it!

      --Ken & Grace

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      • Rocky
        Rocky commented
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        Nice write up on the Blog.

      • kwthom
        kwthom commented
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        Thanks! Mom & dad enjoy 'em, so that's my major audience.

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      thanks for the updates... I watched the on going restoration of the 4014 on You Tube in recent years.. I would like to see more of the work on the machine. Perhaps the UP is planning a DVD Set or something with more details on the rebuild?
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        A contractor for the UP (Wasatch Railroad Contractors) did the bulk of the work, as far as I could tell...which could be a reason why it was on-time.

        I heard that the cost of restoration for 4014 was in the $10 million dollar range. Don't know if that included the costs of moving it from CA to WY; my guess is that it was not.

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          A good overall story of the Big Boy here:


's badass!

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          • Clamper
            Clamper commented
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            That was a great article. To use up all that coal and water in two hours is something. I've been to the Calif. and Nevada train Museums and taken a few of the excursion trains around the West, but never enough. Never thought or read about Rail Giants in Pomona. Thanks Ken.

          • kwthom
            kwthom commented
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            Oil-fired these days, not coal.
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