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  • Modern Democrat Party, want to be your Masters...

    I still think it will be dangerous to be identified as a Conservative This will happen sooner than later. RINO'S will be just as intolerant as the Democrats.

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    Reading that article just made me sad. It's difficult to comprehend how the nation I grew up in and proudly served for almost thirty years has reached this point. When the large numbers of ignorant, uneducated high school and college graduate suckers who don't know better are added to the numbers of nobama, klinton, and Kerry type power hungry leftists they may very well soon accomplish their goals.
    Harvey Barlow
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      Democrats also voted, luckily in the minority, to turn US gun control over to UN control. There is no longer any daylight between 2015 democrats and 1950/60's communists. When you get pushback from this position, ask for specific differences. On communist principles, they won't find any.
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        This has been going on since the '30s and only slightly went underground during the McCarthy hearings. Foundations run by liberals/socialists in the U.S. have contributed greatly to the changing landscape of learning of higher institutions by either demanding liberal/socialists professors be hired or courses be taught. The slow transition in the media is an example of this change, having been a by-product of liberal journalism schools and professors. Marxism/communism is about collective tolerance except when it comes to opposing views on the way society should be structured. The LEFT in their marching clothes, for whatever issue is fashionable at the time, will always carry a sign, somewhere in the crowd, demanding 'Revolution Now'.

        Any political or social agenda that demands adherence to its principals thru force or coercion is always to the extreme left of the sliding scale of political/social identification.
        "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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          When I was in college in my late 40s I had an English professor who was sort of a friend and I knew fairly well. My wife and I had dinner with him and his wife several times and flew to CO with them in his private plane once. He was only several years older than I was and actually fun to be with. He was bright and funny when in the mood.

          He was an only child born to an upper middle class family in an old upscale Dallas neighborhood. As a young man he earned a degree in economics from Texas A&M then a commission in the Army. He served two years then earned a PhD in literature or some bs English subject. He was a lousy professor and teacher and bounced around in bottom rung jobs in academia, never good enough for a tenure track professorship. He taught functional English to prison inmates and taught courses at diploma mills.

          When I knew him he was age 53 and a $1500 per semester adjunct part-time English teacher at the university I was attending. We were friends although he resented me because I was a retired senior enlisted with a good pension, a home in San Diego, and a BMW. He was a rabid leftist and hater of our free market economy and capitalism because he was a loser. He told me once that the American culture was screwed up because we valued the wrong things. I asked him to clarify and he explained it was wrong to value achievement which is usually measured by high salaries and/or accumulation of wealth. He believed that we should hold citizens who hold PhDs and other graduate degrees in high esteem and reward them with high income and respect rather than those who achieve by contributing to society.

          His beliefs are a good example of the distorted and self focused views and attitudes of liberal elitists. I took pleasure in giving him the worst possible teacher evaluations at the end of the semester and wrote a narrative of why he was so lousy as an instructor. He didn't teach any more adjunct classes at Texas A&M Commerce after that semester. I don't know if my evaluation had any influence on his employment.

          With leftists it's all about how they can benefit themselves rather than the people and their country. Elitists despise and envy those who more successful and wealthy than they are. They are almost always too stupid or too lazy to earn success in industry, business or the military so they seek political office or jobs in academia where they can earn high salaries for doing nothing or, better, misappropriate public funds or sell influence and accept bribes like the klintons are famous for.
          Harvey Barlow
          Crosby County, TX
          2010 Goldwing Level II Pearl Yellow (sold at 93,000 miles)
          2014 Goldwing Level II Pearl Blue (sold at 27,000 miles to forum member)

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