So you say you HAD Obamacare

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  • So you say you HAD Obamacare
    Once again the Government torpedoes its own programs and we're the losers.

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    Fiorina had it right during last nights debate. The government creates problems and then steps in to 'correct' the same problems they created.

    It's a shell game that many people fall for.

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      Received in the mail yesterday next years prices.... I'm still waiting for this crap to go down!!! Not happening...... and if ya think it was I also have some beach front property in Alaska for ya... on and its on their golf course.

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        Waiting for BHOCare to tank so my premiums can go back to what they were before (1/2 of what they are now).

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          Nobama-nocare is just one more in a long line of stupid dumocrap vote buying programs that cost many times the original stated price, did not provide whatever it promised, screwed a lot of people, and failed. It's sadly the norm.

          It's no surprise to conservatives but I feel sympathy for those of you who got screwed with the increased premiums, forced changes, and now uncertainty.
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