Where is she now, when she could be the best option for President or VP? Your opinion...?

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  • Where is she now, when she could be the best option for President or VP? Your opinion...?

    Well she was the best and most honest Secretary of State we ever have had..... Scandals - don't remember any - Affairs, nope - Didn't do her job - always did and spoke her mind and changed others attitudes even if not in the USA -

    Condoleezza Rice - the Best that we've ever had..... but we just didn't have the right people in place that could hold her interest. Smart people must be challenged and be motivated to continue to succeed in their job and she just got to the point where she could see no future staying in politics and making a difference. Her vision to success was not in her future when it was obvious Obama and the Democrats we're to take power, she despised the Democrats so in early 2009 she went back to Stanford : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Condoleezza_Rice where she is still at. So if the Repubs need a hook for the black vote and to broaden the base just some how get her added to the Candidate Listing for the Repubs, maybe she is ready for a New Challenge and would be a great VP selection for anyone, if she would give up the Stanford position while in office. She did make the most of a not perfect situation!!!
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    As far as I know Dr. Rice was an excellent secretary of state and national security advisor before that and retained a pristine personal reputation during the periods she served. I recall some tried to encourage her into politics and she declined back when she was in government.

    A conservative black, regardless of their supreme credentials such as pediatric neurosurgeon Ben Carson or Condoleezza Rice are even more hated by ordinary welfare class blacks than white ones. Skin color matters but it's the promised freebies that count.
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      Rice was as worthless as W on resolving foreign affair issues. She accomplished basically nothing during her time as SOS other then uttering an occasional
      establishment platitude. She supported Obama for Preezy by the way because.....black.

      The Weird Admiration for Condi Rice

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