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  • There're back.........

    Just got back from a midday run to Lake City, FL and killed about 30-40 lovebugs. I'm glad they don't get up very early so at least I only have to deal with them in the afternoon.
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    Really, that's no good at all. Almost went for a ride today but I'm slow smoking a Boston Butt Pork Roast instead. Sorry to hear the news, guess I'll play with them next week.
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      they are starting to show up in Lakeland too.

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        Never heard of Lovebugs until I started reading motorcycle forums. Had to look it up on the web after reading this post. I feel sorry for you folks in Florida. I checked out the "images" on Google where several had posted pics of their vehicles during the flight season. Seems like you don't need another thing to worry about when riding...

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          When I lived in Jacksonville Fl...I never saw so many of those bugs... the Love Bug capital of the world

          John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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            Those things are NASTY!!!
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              I got to know love bugs when I went to help during Katrina. They made the cars look black and were hell to get off. Lucky we don't have them up here.
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                Ahhh yes the days of zip tying house screen to the grill of your cage so them nasty little buggers (no pun intended) don't clog up your radiator.

                Yes the things i don't miss about FLA..
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