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  • Multiculturalism

    So Bernie Sanders is campaigning on the Pine Ridge reservation.

    He says, "Native peoples have been treated badly in the past and if elected I will change all that."

    The crowd shouts, "Malaba! Malaba!"

    Sanders is pleased by their enthusiastic response and carries on to say, "I will see to it that Native lands wrongfully seized, will be returned to the original owners."

    The crowd shouts, "Malaba! Malaba!"

    Now Sanders is very, very pleased that he is relating to his audience so well and he continues, "I will ensure that every Native who wants a job will have one! Poverty among Native people will cease to exist! All Native children will have education to the college level! Happiness and prosperity will become the standard for all Natives!!!"

    The crowd shouts, "Malaba! Malaba! - Malaba! Malaba! - MALABA! MALABA!"

    After he finishes his speech, the Chief of the tribe gives the politician a tour of the reservation. He sees a herd of cows in a field and he asks if he can enter the field and have a better look at what appear to be beautiful, prize winning animals.

    The Chief says to him, "Well of course you can Mr. Sanders. But please be careful because the bull was in that field a few hours ago, so don't step in any malaba."
    Ride safe
    Alex Z , Huntington Beach, CA
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