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  • Historical notes

    Another milestone in American history.
    George Washington - defeated the British and founded a nation.
    Thomas Jefferson - expanded America to beyond the Mississippi.
    Abraham Lincoln - freed the slaves.
    Teddy Roosevelt - expanded American power in the world, founded the national park service.
    Franklin Roosevelt - led America through WWII
    Richard Nixon - first American, first person landed on the moon.
    Buttrack Obama - gave toilet access to everyone, no matter what gender they think they may have, or not have, the right for everyone to use the toilet of whatever gender available. Whatever.
    This is historic. I need to get a copy of this for my own bathroom

    Ride safe
    Alex Z , Huntington Beach, CA

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    A couple more.

    It took Thomas Edison and his team multiple years and patents to develop a viable incandescent light bulb to illuminate the world.
    It took BHO one leftist signature to destroy it in favor of inferior alternatives that require hasmat crews to clean broken CFLs.

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      Yup.....that should be added in... The absurdity of the mercury bulbs still escapes me ! Somehow it is obvious that some demonrats got very rich on that deal.
      Ride safe
      Alex Z , Huntington Beach, CA

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