9yr old with UZI accidently shoots instructor

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  • 9yr old with UZI accidently shoots instructor

    Now I am a gun advocate, but a 9 year old should be limited to a 22, not a fully automatic UZI. However, this instructor is dead because of HIS screw up.
    Attached is the video just prior to the fatal shot.

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    Sad, but you are right, That was on HIM.
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      flyer and Cruisman, you both hit it on the nail. I feel for all the Family's and Friend's of both that little girl and instructor. She should not have been anywhere close to that type of weapon, but it seems adults tend to push the little ones into trying them. I don't get it. Again, such a sad tragedy. It was posted early this morning on a Shooting site I belong to and it pains people to see that. Poor little girl is going to have to live with that her entire life. I don't wish that on anyone. If you have ever experienced taking a life, it is a terrible event that you will never live another day with out thinking about it. It has caused a many of grown men to take their own lives after doing so. I hope the little girl gets some good help to aid her in dealing with it.
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        Little kids have no business with that type of fire power in my opinion.
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          I feel sorry for the child. So many mistakes made here, but there is also way too much opportunity for knee-jerk reactions too.
          My 9 year old grand daughter (who lives with us) expressed some curiosity about my gun. So, I took her to the range, rented her a .22, and let her fire. It was very carefully controlled, and obviously not a fully automatic weapon. she fired 4 shots in about 5 minutes, and handed the gun back. Her curiosity was satisfied. I've asked a few times if she'd like to do it again, and she says no. She watches my wife and me when we shoot, but no more desire on her part. Do I think I did anything wrong? Absolutely not.

          When I was 8, living on-base in Okinawa (this was in the early 60's), my step-father took us to some base event. They had a military machine gun, tripod mounted, with a belt of ammo in it; and yes, they were allowing the kids to fire off a few rounds. A little younger than the girl in the photo, I laid down behind the gun, and took some instructions from the soldier running the event. He never took his hands off the handles on the gun, but let me "control" it, and pull the trigger. He had me shoot 5 "one at a time" shots, then hold it, and it fired off five more.

          I suspect that 10 rounds were all the belt had in it, and wouldn't be surprised at all if they were training rounds with no bullet (don't know that for sure, but it wouldn't surprise me).

          I guess my point is, guns can be handled safely, even with kids.
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            While we can discuss the age of the child it had nothing to do with being young. This happened because the instructor. Was in front of the shooter this could have happened with any inexperienced shooter who allowed recoil to move the weapon in the direction of another person if that person was in a dangerous place. Instructors fault. Unfortunately the child gets to live with it

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              My thought are. I would have been standing behind her right shoulder, Able to reach forward and control the muzzle direction if necessary. Also it appears he gave her 1 shot then went to full auto, which is astounding. The girl did not have control of the weapon, you see it waving around a lot. . Camo pants and an UZI don't make you an instructor. He also sounded amped up.
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                Yep, a terrible thing. I will teach the youngsters to shoot, but I do control it all the time. Until they become proficient and learn safety one does always yourself keep control of the weapon. Even with a .22 you have to insure they do not point it at themselves, wave it around, and learn to move their finger off the trigger, all those things.

                Accidents do happen due to our own actions.

                The little girl will forever remember this, time will ease the pain, yet it is quite a deal for someone to deal with.

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                  Kind of makes me wonder if this is where the retired policeman got his start? Perhaps self defense training should be delayed until the mind is fully matured.

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                    That poor little girl, I want to cry when I think about what she is going through right now. I pray for both families.

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                      Originally posted by TrikeBiker View Post
                      That poor little girl, I want to cry when I think about what she is going through right now. I pray for both families.
                      +1 but I still have a hard time understanding why a qualified instructor would have agreed to letting her shoot an Uzi.
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                        I'm not sure age is of an issue. I shot my first Thompson 45 sub machine gun at 9 or so. I did so under safe instruction and control Fired a Garand and a BAR on the same day

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                          Originally posted by RoadRat View Post

                          ..but I still have a hard time understanding why a qualified instructor would have agreed to letting her shoot an Uzi.
                          As has been pointed out, that may be the issue. Sad day for all concerned.

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                            Have not fired the Uzi but have a lot of experience with the similar 9mm british submachine gun from my military days ,one shot is not a problom full auto with 3 shot burst is ok more than that and you have to hold on tight or it can get away from you, no way a 9 year old should fire this weapon .. Now this little girl has to live with this instructers and I suspect parents bad decision

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                              Sad thing is she would been just as happy and had just as much fun shooting a .22. I would probably just leave the range and come back another time if I saw a child that young there.
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