WARNING! Enter at your own risk! Off-Topic Rules

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  • WARNING! Enter at your own risk! Off-Topic Rules

    Welcome to the Wild, Wild, West!

    If you want to rant and rave about something non-motorcycle related, this is the place. We are more tolerant of Off-Topic subject matter than most forums, but there are still rules that need to be followed.
    • No racially insensitive comments
    • No personal insults
    • No sexually-oriented content
    • No religious insults

    The rule of thumb here is, if you are overly sensitive to certain topics, you may wish to avoid this area of the forum. If your feelings get hurt, simply don't read it.

    We expect every member to respect other members and to self-police. However, we will step in if necessary to protect the integrity of the site.

    This forum is the closest think you will find to FREE SPEECH. But there are limits.


    We expect every member to respect every other member. It is possible to have a heated debate on any topic without attacking someone personally, or even indirectly.

    Calling someone "stupid" or "racist" or a "bigot", or any other derogatory name for that matter, is simply not acceptable. Even an indirect insult or inference is unacceptable. For example: "everyone from [state name] is an idiot" is still an insult. And of course, any threat or even implied threat of violence is strictly prohibited. And, you may not insult the forum or its' admins and/or moderators.

    Members may report abusive behavior through the Flag system. The moderator may, at his or her discretion, remove a post, modify a post, close a topic altogether and issue warning to those in violation.

    You have no inherent rights here. The moderator(s) have final discretion over what is allowed.

    Please, keep the conversations civil. Remember, we all have one thing in common, we love to ride motorcycles. And, even though this is an Off Topic area, it is first and foremost a motorcycle forum.


    If you believe a post is abusive or "over-the-top", you can Flag the post using the little flag icon at the bottom of the post. This will go directly to the Admin and Moderators for review.
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    Protector of the realm.
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