Utility: Crews robbed at gunpoint restoring power in Detroit

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  • Utility: Crews robbed at gunpoint restoring power in Detroit

    DETROIT A utility says three line crews have been robbed at gunpoint of cash and cellphones while trying to restore power in Detroit after weekend storms.
    Michael Lynch, chief security officer for DTE Energy Co., tells the Detroit Free Press each robbery involved two or three suspects and it's possible the robberies are related. The Detroit News reports one happened Saturday and the others were Monday.
    No employees were injured. Lynch says they're advised to avoid carrying cash.
    The Detroit-based utility is offering a $2,500 reward. Lynch says: "We're not going to stand for this nonsense of our employees getting held up at gunpoint."
    Crews are working Tuesday to restore power to the last of 158,000 of homes and businesses it serves that lost service. Lynch says security will accompany crews.

    Wasn't it Detroit where the residents were complaining about their water being shut off due to lack of payment? Perhaps they would like
    their electricity cut off as well?

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    Their electricity shouldn't be cut now, they just experienced a sudden influx of cash to pay their bills. The only way I would send crews into restore power is with armed guards. Why risk the safety of those who are trying to help.
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