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  • A very slippery slope - - - -

    Some of you will remember I predicted this as the 'next step.' However, I never thought it would happen so soon!

    Read closely the sections of the article that discuss the American Psychiatric Association's part in changing the diagnosis.

    Pedophile Rights? Austin Texas City Council Member Likens Pedophilia To Homosexuality In Wake Of Legalized Gay Marriage
    Shared via News360

    What's next? Rapists being declared "normal?"

    Where will it end and when will we take back our culture?

    Joe T.

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    How about beastiality? Why can't I marry a sheep?
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      Hey now, watch my relatives......

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    Originally posted by Cruiseman View Post
    How about beastiality? Why can't I marry a sheep?

    I think that would be between Ewe and You!!

    Joe T.

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      I bet deviants, such as Barney Frank and Harry Reid aka as the Searchlight Strangler, are very excited about this latest zeitgeist.

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        "How about beastiality? Why can't I marry a sheep?" You can, just don't try to pull the wool over your eyes
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          If happiness is a sheep to you -Why is it that the fed and State Gov't have to approve it? The constition Makes no metion of marriage only freedon of relegion and the pursuit of happiness - so do what you like and be happy - the sheep will never be able to lawyer up if you choose to leave
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