"It's Not About Race"

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  • "It's Not About Race"

    My favorite quote from this article.

    Funny how any other time is is totally about race....even when it isn't.

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    Delusional people say delusional things.

    What gets me is, many of her proponents knew she had a tanning bed and used it frequently. I didn't know black people
    used tanning beds.

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      Perhaps she can find some obscure form of victimhood in the Victim Handbook For Leftists she can claim to hang on to a modicum of her scam. She doesn't look black to me and her parents self-identified and are married to each other so I think she's out. Too bad. She has had a great scam going for years. Even got herself elevated to the position of top racist in Seattle until the bros and sisters noticed she couldn't pronoounce "mo-fo" correctly.

      Oh well. She's a good leftist. She'll come up with another scam soon enough.
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        I am so freaking sick of all this "choosing" crap. First we were "choosing" our gender, now we're "choosing" our race? To me, it's pretty cut and dried. If you're born with boy parts, you're a boy. If you're born with girl parts, you're a girl. There's no gray area here. None. If you want to act and dress like the other sex, I don't care. Whatever floats your boat. But you are what you are. End of story. Race is exactly the same. That girl was born white. Nothing in Heaven or Earth is going to change that. Nor will a tanning bed. If she wants to embrace black culture and so forth, go for it. Again, I don't care. But there is no gray area when it comes to what ethnicity you are.

        Yes, I know some have undergone surgery to change their sex. Whatever. Fine you're now a woman who was once a man. But that story a few years back where those parents decided to allow their child to "choose their gender".....good job, mom and dad. Way to mess that kid up so badly he will probably never have a moment's serenity in his life. All in the name of you making a political statement. Pathetic.

        The whole thing is so utterly stupid. It defies reason.

        Now I'm going to be mad all day.
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