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    If Hillary Clinton was running a real campaign, today would be a fascinating moment for the presumptive nominee. She’s in South Carolina where she needs to make amends with black voters who not only rejected her in 2008 but rebuked her and her husband for their presumptuous approach. On the question of whether Clinton can run and win a return to the White House as an unabashed liberal, enthusiasm of black voters is a paramount consideration. But alas, she is not running a real campaign. She is instead running something more akin to a legal defense or corporate PR after an oil spill.

    It would be fascinating to know whether Bill Clintonwas sorry for how he treated Rep.Jim Clyburn, D-S.C., in 2008 or if Bubba now felt sheepish about bragging about being called “America’s first black president.” It would also be fascinating to hear what Hillary thought about Obama’s record on issues like black poverty and joblessness or hear her defend criticism of police and stiff drug penalties in light of the rising violence in places like Baltimore. It would be fascinating to know… if there weren’t a flock of turkey vultures circling the actual, substantive issues relating to her character and fitness for office.

    We are not likely to hear her on any of those issues in part because she will be inside her dome, interacting with party officials and a curated collection of minority women small business owners.” The topic is Clinton’s enthusiastic support for equal pay for women. If anyone asks about the Clintons and their 2008 comeuppance with black voters it will be a result of a catastrophic staff failure, not the actual give and take of campaigning among real people and real reporters. Clinton isn’t even likely to be asked about an on-topic awkwardness.

    If Clinton does briefly speak to reporters, the kinds of answers and laughing brush-offs she offers are worse than useless. They are simply untethered scraps of lawyer-approved defenses or just outright evasions. Painful to watch. But those who suggest that Clinton is making a mistake in not opening up herself to the press and public suppose that she could somehow answer the questions before her. She can’t talk about how her erstwhile foundation employee was trying to profit from the Libya war she sold. She can’t explain what her husband’s unreported consulting firm was doing. She can’t explain the specifics of a Russian uranium deal she helped get approved that profited one of her patrons. She certainly can’t stand by her prior claims of why she established a secret server for emails or talk at much length about the process for reviewing those she ordered destroyed.

    Any substantive interview would devolve into something that sounded way too much like one of her depositions than an actual chat. And while you can “plead the Fifth” in court, you can’t use it in an interview. And so that leaves Clinton doing the only thing she can: damage control in hopes that reporters will eventually tire of covering the story and start covering a non-existent horse race. But every good reporter knows that covering a phony campaign like a real one would be malpractice.

    Until she gets past her corporate damage control campaign and takes her medicine, the only apt topic for Clinton coverage are the scandals and controversies from which she is hiding.

    Cut and paste from Fox News daily news email.
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    It seems that once you become an US President or a First Lady, you can pretty much do anything you want and not be held accountable.

    Just think what Jughead and his hideous wife will do when he's out of office...

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    • HBarlow
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      That only applies to dumocraps. Republicans are always accountable. Richard Nixon and Askew (?) his short time VP from MD could attest to that if they weren't dead.

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    Originally posted by Z-Man View Post
    It seems that once you become an US President or a First Lady, you can pretty much do anything you want and not be held accountable.

    Just think what Jughead and his hideous wife will do when he's out of office...

    Prolly a wedding to

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