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  • HagHillary'sPhonyCampaign Loved By Low Information Media and Voters

    The Clinton campaign is like a funhouse mirror version the Obama White House. Tightly controlled press access has become no press access. Opaque accountability has become concrete-thick secrecy. Augmenting traditional public interactions with, um, unconventional outreach has become a public persona that is just a Spam loaf of stagy interactions. With the help of a cadre of Obama insiders who pioneered the style, Hillary Clinton is on an expedition into the deep space of an airless, utterly contrived campaign. And guess what? It’s working. She and her team are probably delighted in their ability to run for president without actually running and without having to play by the rules (again).

    Consider how well it’s working for the presumptive Democratic nominee: She is way out of the mainstream on abortion but issues a statement condemning Republicans for passing a popular a late-term ban on elective abortions – no questions asked of her. She has not complied with the bipartisan request of the Benghazi committee – no questions asked of her. A news anchor who grilled her accuser on using her family foundation to funnel payola is found to be a donor to the foundation – no questions asked of her. She actually voted for the Iraq war that Jeb Bush is getting pelted with clods over – no questions asked of her. She is likely to be the first female major party nominee in American history and yet the current president of her own party is accused of sexism against a prominent senator and potential rival -- no questions asked of her. And on and on and on…

    We arrived at the point where a major party candidate soaked in scandals can flout accountability point not because Hillary Clinton is an especially gifted politician (she isn’t) or because she’s oligarch rich (others have been before her) or even because she is a Democrat (no one has even gotten a free pass this size before) but mostly because she is sewing ground plowed already by Barack Obama. The press was at most sulky and at worst codependent about getting locked out, knocked down, lied to and generally ignored by the Obama White House. Now we see what is usually true in politics: The next round is worse. Obama ignored campaign finance norms; Bush is circumventing the rules completely. Bush’s brother ran a somewhat negative re-election campaign of defining a challenger as unfit for command; Obama ran an overwhelmingly negative campaign immolating his challenger’s character. The pendulum only swings one way.

    There is no appropriate story about Clinton’s candidacy to cover until she has answered the questions that relate to her fitness for office. It is, in that sense, the only story. Discussing her canned campaign events through any prism other than the scandals that she has flatly refused to address is an invitation to further ignominy. If you go and give her mainstream coverage of her talking points to augment store-bought “messaging” while allowing her to refuse to be accountable, what do you think will happen next? Which direction did Obama go? Certainly not toward accountability and access. For members of a profession that is on the brink of being replaced by “content” synthesizers, those in the political press are certainly not making a very strong argument for their continued necessity.

    Power Play: When will Hillary’s free pass expire? - With a tweet here and a tweet there Hillary Clinton has been keeping a tight lid on her campaign. And she’s been getting away with. How long can she stay bunkered? American Conservative Union Chairman Matt Schlapp and Democratic strategist Craig Varoga share their thoughts with Chris Stirewalt. WATCH HERE.

    The above articles are cut and paste from FoxNews Daily EMail News
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    Thank goodness the lame stream media is losing its viewer base. I've seen polls where only ~25 percent
    of their remaining viewers believe what is being reported. Why even watch? There's always Matlock reruns...

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      Hillary's free pass by the gov run MSM will never expire.
      "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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        My ignoramusOmeter broke after Obama received more than 50 percent of the vote. Twice.
        I'm not surprised Rodham is the dem front runner. Not surprised at all. This country is infested with retards.

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