Looks like its time to go to Alaska!

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  • Looks like its time to go to Alaska!

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    I am packing up the bike right now!
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      That was great.
      2007 dark blue Navi
      Traxxion "Mega Monty"
      IBA 54656

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        You guys headed that way, watch out for the bears.

        Oh, and the skunks too....
        2012 Honda Goldwing | 2009 Timeout Camper

        Patriot Guard Rider since 2007 | IBA member #59823

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          Now that is a funny clip. How do we get some of that spray for personal use?
          Dave - High up in Arizona - Black Metallic 2019 DCT

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            Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! That was funny as I have seen in awhile! Cool video!
            """""""Darksider #10 It's been said by many people, that I am still only 16 years old inside my head!! LOL!!
            I have never thrown a leg over any make or model of motorcycle and had nothing but a good time!!"""""""

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              Uh oh.........Lol! Keep those skunks away from your tires.

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