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    Dallas got screwed. That ball was caught. Nothing else to say.

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    I thought it was an incomplete pass.

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      Ball touched ground = incomplete pass. Even replay shows it touching the ground.

      The Academy should give Oscars for Best Acting by a football player. I swear ref I didn't touch him. Ref what do you mean I trapped the ball. Late hit, ref he had the ball. ETC.
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        Very similar ruling the day before.
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          Like it or NOT - It was called Correct - Since the Rule was in place and named as the calvin Johnson rule - When his pass caught in the end zone (he came) down with the ball in his hand (hand & Ball Hit the Ground) ball went out the end zone - NO CATCH.

          If it makes you feel better you could say it was a make up call for the Pass inter flag the picked up and Changed call ( I have never) seen that on a penatly in (50 yrs) of watching- against Detroit the week before
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          • micky
            micky commented
            Editing a comment
            correct call,as soon as the ball came loose,before any ref or tv announcer said a word, my son jumped up and started screamin' at the tv yellin' "incomplete,just like the calvin Johnson pass", and he's a Cowboy fan, me, I loved it, paybacks are a *****.

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          Dallas would have been up one point
          Rogers would have had over four minutes left

          Go back and look at the last four minutes of the game.
          In fact look at Romo's last play of the first half

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            All the receiver had to do was hold the ball when he came down and not the to extend it toward the gold line. First and gold at the one and maybe a different out come. It was the correct call. Just my opinion. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

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              Or something like this Click image for larger version

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