Chicago's definition of universal preschool

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  • Chicago's definition of universal preschool

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    To me it sounds like just another waste of taxpayer money buying votes from the underclass by providing free day care and free meals for their illegitimate offspring.
    Harvey Barlow
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      Unfortunately the school system promoted lack of education from within the system. When my sons were younger the wife and I went to the local high schools to listen to their spiel for incoming students. What we could not believe was the schools saying you dont need to go to college and that you can do just as well with a high school education. Well that was all great until corporations got it into their heads that supervisors and up had to have a sheepskin and even though you had 20 years in the company and could run your division better than a college person youll never be promoted. Now what do we do with all of these kids we throw into the system with parents trusting the system to do right?
      And Illinois with there job programs what a joke. If you need assistance for daycare for your children and you take them to a Home Daycare Illinois is over 8 months backed up in payments to Home daycares. If you have a center payments will get made 1st before the Home Daycares. And Mayor rahm you can bet has plans for some money from the Excelerate Illinois daycare education program.

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        HBarlow, I think you're right. And, it absolutely digusts me. But, then I shudder and think of what the future looks like for our country if this goes unchecked. I don't like the thought of single parents living on the government dole and appearing to have more kids to get more government money. I absolutely would endorse sterilizing those unable to pass a legitimate graduation test. This might sound extreme, but I think that's how serious this problem has gotten.

        But, these kids are consequences of the problems, left unchecked, they will continue the problem. I think we, as a society, will suffer grave consequences without action. But, I also don't see effective action being taken on a large scale. Nor do I see government leadership capable of accomplishing the upbringing these children need. I think our best hope would be government funding private charity/business to educate and/or raise these kids.

        I guess the bottom line is, for me - I'm willing to write off mom and dad, let them ruin their lives; afterall they will always be a drain on society. But, its in our best interest to salvage the children while we can. But, politicians blowing our money, unchecked, with more and more non productive government programs is not the solution.

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        • HBarlow
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          I agree. The easy and simple solution is to allow parents to choose which schools their children will attend including private for-profit schools and allow them to take a voucher with them to pay for the school. This would quickly cut off funding to government schools and teachers unions which protect the incompetent teachers.

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        I do not know how much longer all the Free crap can for sure not free...Check this out:

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          The democrats in Chicago and in DC have learned the Art of Double Speak. War is peace. Peace is war. Affordable is expensive. Transparency is secretive. Speed cameras are about the safety of children means revenue. Red light cameras are about traffic safety means revenue. Etc, etc.
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