Im glad I dont have his doctor!

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  • Im glad I dont have his doctor!

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    Not nearly as dramatic, but last year, I was scratching my right ankle (which had been sore that day), and asked my wife if she could see what felt like a scab. She looked at it, and said "Herb, I know it sounds crazy, but it looks like a piece of metal is sticking out of your leg".

    Turns out it was from a roller skating accident almost 25 years ago. I fell and broke my leg (bilateral fracture just above my ankle), and they put a steel plate with pins and screws in the larger bone. At the time, I had no insurance, and when they said it wasn't necessary to take out the hardware (after the leg healed), I chose to leave it alone. It never really caused me much problem. If something banged up against it the wrong way it hurt, but other than that, no big deal.

    I called my sister (she works for a doctor), and she said no need for the ER (it was about 10 at night), but she made me an appointment for early that morning. That doc looked at it, and said they'd schedule surgery the next morning to take out all of the hardware. I made a joke about not cutting off the foot while I was under, and he laughed (a little) and said that wasn't likely. Later in the discussion I made some off hand remark about it being a good thing I didn't wait a couple of weeks, and he said had I done so, they likely would have been having that discussion about taking the foot.

    Because the hardware was into the bone, there was a risk of infection in the bone, and that would have been a bit more serious. It turns out that the larger screw had broken in half, and worked its way through the skin.

    I have no idea why it lasted 25 years, and suddenly gave me problems. The doctors said they don't either. Said sometimes they last a lifetime, and sometimes they have to be pulled in 5-10 years. Neither had seen one go 25 years then suddenly give problems. They both said that they typically remove them now 3 months after the leg's healed to avoid problems later.

    Our bodies are definitely interesting things...
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      I've still got a screw in my wrist from my military days and (as a result of a bike accident) a steel plate with three screws in my clavicle. Guess I'll be dealing with them again someday.
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