Compilation video of Russian dash cams, M/C related

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  • Compilation video of Russian dash cams, M/C related

    Most of these are crazy Russians on crotch rockets with a couple scooters thrown in. Some are funny, but some had to hurt, especially for the innocents.

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    Wow!! Can't help but wonder if any of those were fatal or serious injury. Some looked pretty rough.
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      Likely way too much Vodka in some of these.

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        I know not all Russians are stupid, but man most those guys make one wonder.
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          Yep, I'd say a little Vodka was involved in some of those - but stupidity was mostly involved... other country's are just as bad, some you need no license to ride two wheels... lane spliters will always be their on worst nightmare!!!
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            Agrred, I was wondering on a few of the crashes where the bikes just seem to fall out from under the rider as they are traveling down the road. Vodka , stupidity or both
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