Just in time for Christmas shopping in Philadelphia

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  • Just in time for Christmas shopping in Philadelphia

    Another police shooting stemming from a traffic stop. Of course mother wants to know why the police don't disable a person
    instead of kill a person. The mother had no answer as to why baby boy had loaded stolen gun in the car, never mind that. Or why
    baby boy didn't just listen to the police and submit, never mind that. No, her concern was why don't the police disable people.


    Maybe we can see riots in Philly after the Rev. Al gets to Philly? Or maybe U.S. AG Holder will send reps to baby boy's funeral? Or maybe Obama will say that the Philly officer acted stupidly or that if he had another son it would be like baby boy.

    Never mind that baby boy has no moral compass and is driving around in his rental car with a loaded handgun that was stolen over a year ago and then decides to go reach for it to shoot it out with the police because he knows if arrested for the handgun it will cause him to be sent back to prison. Because why? Because he is a convicted felon. And convicted felons are not to be in possession of a legal firearm, let alone a stolen firearm in ANY state.
    "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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    I'm sure we'll be hearing about his love of dogs and children, how he walked an elderly woman across the street. The POS Rev. Al is booking his flight now,
    he would have been there much sooner but was in DC at the IRS telling them he does not owe any taxes...

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      Maybe the dumocraps will provide magic disablers for all police departments nationwide. Once equipped, police officers will be required at all times to carry "felon disablers" in their patrol cars.

      When the officers encounter a black thug fleeing from a crime scene or otherwise breaking the law officers can press a button and their magic disabler will fire a magic radar frequency beam at the thug to peacefully disable him.

      The liberal utopia which has solved the problems of poverty, teen pregnancy, lack of education, racial strife, free healthcare for all, and other wonderful utopian solutions will then be able to prevent any further officer-involved shootings of innocent young black men.
      Harvey Barlow
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