Well let's see what the GOP does with this.

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  • Well let's see what the GOP does with this.

    Actually do something or be a bunch of RINOs in the House.

    "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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    That's an amazing graphic.

    Yes, I think the RINOs just did something with it. They approved nobama's unconstitutional amnesty by funding it so he can create a little more blue area before November 2015.
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      Yes, I thought that sucked too, but the GOP was so concerned about the Dems shutting down the government and the GOP getting the blame, they capitulated to continue the fight under firm control of the GOP. Was that a good move? I don't know.

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        Pretty map, but it really doesn't mean much. The two party system failed long ago.
        You have Democrats that aggressively push through unpopular legislation because they don't give a crap about what the population of the country really wants.
        Then you have Republicans that pretend to care, and talk about conservative policies, but either lay down and let the other side run over them or maybe they (Boehner) really just want the same thing as the Democrats, and just put on an act like they are fighting the fight so that they can maybe get re elected.

        I have never supported or used the straight party vote. I think that option is there for lazy or stupid voters, but if in the next election there was an option for "Fire them all", I would surely check that box!

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          They will do as other have before -Now that the exiting Congress has lined their pockets with $3 Million a yr in campaign Contribution per Family - Meaning - Your VOTE -Your Opinion - DOes NOT matter (neither) did it before - BUt really much less going forward - The Thieves are picking the dead America and getting out fast
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            Negativity abounds in politics, and looking around, it abounds everywhere. It's unreal what happening in our America and around the world.

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