And from out in left field we have a HVAC question

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  • And from out in left field we have a HVAC question

    Well, slowly I am crawling into the 21st century kicking and screaming of course. I was out at the local Big Box store and thought it might be "cool" to install one of these fancy WIFI Thermostats. So, I get it home and pull the old one off and see that yes, there is a "blue" 18G small wire that is not installed and realizing that the new Honeywell needs it for power, I hook it up. And, as things usually go for me, NADA, ZIP, I got nothing.

    So, here is the question. I have a Ruud air handler model RBHP 21J11SH2. It is suspended from the ceiling (oh joy) and having pulled off the panel where the air filter is, I got nothing in the way of a terminal block for connecting/changing the thermostat wires. Just where are they little devils and how does one get to them without having to take the entire thing apart? Getting ANY help from Ruud/Reheem is like finding Noah's Ark.

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    Wish I could help here Wheels but like you its all a mystery to me. There may be some info on the internet available.

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      Wheels... looks like the control board should be just off of the side of your circuit breaker inside of the AHU... the front panel should come off very easily... you should shut off the power at the main electric panel before getting into the front panel of the AHU, dangerous voltage behind that panel.

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