A Picture is worth a thousand Words

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  • A Picture is worth a thousand Words

    I think this about says it all...

    Even if the cop is "Racist" he won't shoot someone that has their hands up!
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    And stopped trying to rip the cops head off or beat him about the head and steal his gun to have with him when he smoked his robbery stolen cigars he would be alive today to ***** about those nasty cops .

    Cops are not punch bags. Deal with it.

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      All the recent police shooting had something in common, the person suspected of the crime resisted arrest and fought with the officer.

      Simple, when getting arrested don't fight with the officer....
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        All I can say is I agree with the previous posts. Be safe and enjoy the ride. Larry

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          No kidding. I am utterly blown away by what is going on. Cannot wrap my brain around it at all. You don't wrestle with a cop.
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            Though Chris Rock may get a lot of things wrong, Here he got it right: Caution some foul language:

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              I hate to see anyone lose their life, but it was in Brown's control to get out alive.

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