Interesting stuff. Line X coating.

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  • Interesting stuff. Line X coating. &type=2&theater

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    I have that on my truck but had no idea it was that strong. Thanks.

    Edit: It would be interesting to see what would happen to the plastic on a wing if it were coated with Line-X and subsequently wrecked.
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      Myth busters some years ago did an episode with everything from spraying a leather jacket to heavily coating a car bumper with it . Surprisingly coated bumper versus uncoated bumper was able to take a harder impact with no damage..

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        This could be the fix for future front fender cracks or just a preventive measure to ensure they don't happen.

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          Hmmm, the ultimate rear bumper but butt ugly?

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            I have this on my trike running boards. In case of a side crash, the running boards will survive, but the rest of the trike and riders will be destroyed. I chuckle at the suggestions about coating airplanes with it. Simple minds tend to forget or realize how much a 1/4" thick layer of the stuff weighs. But, there are already people and auto manufacturers coating the inside of doors for added strength and sound deadening, and the leading fender facings with a similar product to prevent rock chips.

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