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    What a great name for that company.

    I looked up on the site with a view to replace my horn with an OEM one.

    I was dumfounded when I got to the checkout area and saw the price of the postage they wanted.

    The thieving HUAS obviously do not really want to do business with international buyers.
    Only Noddy would fully complete the checkout section and complete the purchase.
    A few days ago I bought a lower cowl from a U.S. based company, the shipping charge was 1/3 of the postage they wanted for a itty bittly little horn.


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    Try Ebay, I bought a set of gl1800 horns for my wife's Honda Civic because I'm pretty sure the OEM was a leftover Honda 90 horn from the 60s. Several salvage companies sell their stuff on Ebay and at least you can see up front what shipping would be.
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      Also, when you buy a desperately needed item and pay the astronomical fee for overnight shipping, they don't tell you that the item is going to then be ordered from wherever the hell OEM parts really come from, at "their" chosen shipper's cheapest possible method, and the overnight shipment doesn't start until the part finally arrives at Bike Bandit and goes through their internal shipping and handling process. You can get most anything from them, but don't be in a hurry and don't pay to get it in a hurry.
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        The thieving *****s wanted ( insert drumroll here ) $90us ! for postage. .
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          Originally posted by Kiwi View Post
          The thieving *****s wanted ( insert drumroll here ) $90us ! for postage. .
          Wow! That is unreal. Bend over.
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            There was a time when I had a friend from Norway ship things here to me. I'd cut the packaging down or bubble wrap some things. I'd send him a box of 10-15 items or more that he and his buds wanted here in the states.

            I never charged him a nickel for my services.

            We still keep in touch,but he has a FLA drop box friend now that his things are shipped too. they are put in a ship container with Bikes to Norway.
            Them guys love their chrome over

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              Kiwi, let's make this simple. You tell me what you want...any links to websites so that it is easier for me to find, and any exacting details about the item, and I will buy the item, and ship it to you. Once you receive it, you can send me some money.

              If you want to do that, just PM me, and I will take care of things here.

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                All good suggestions and very helpful offers here. I went down to the local and bought a set of dual tone horns at our local that will fit right in the space available, for a wopping $42 kiwi.
                The tones are slightly different to oem but sound great.

                If its ok with you I will note the offers for exporting bits when I need them in the future. But I will insist that I am able to provide a Koha for a few beers or lemonades.
                GL1800 8A - TRIUMPH SCRAMBLER 900

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                  Good to hear (pun intended) that you were able to find a set of horns locally. BTW, has anyone else noticed that the horns on the very late model Wings is much better than the earlier model 1800 Wings ? My '13 F6B has a great horn...compared to what was on my '03 & '04 & '06 Wings.

                  Kiwi, just let me know if you need anything else.

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                  • orangecrate
                    orangecrate commented
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                    Generous offer!!!

                  • JGDJR
                    JGDJR commented
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                    I have to second that That is really nice of you to offer to do that MMR


                  • JeffP
                    JeffP commented
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                    That's AWESOME.

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                  I have purchased many items from Bike Bandit over the years and shipping rates were no different than any other vendor. The reason was I would get a ten percent AMA discount plus they have Bandit Bucks. Something has obviously changed, but it has been a while since I bought anything from them. I have found that Partzilla is a worthwhile place to check prices.
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                  • Kiwi
                    Kiwi commented
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                    Don't forget the free shipping to the lower 48
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