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  • A perfect ending to the day

    Not only was the day great because it was Thanksgiving, and we had a quiet, peaceful, warm home that was NOT filled with screaming kids and ungrateful relatives, but.....it ended with.... The Seattle Seahawks completely controlling the San Francisco 49ers.....final score....19 - 3. That is two full games in a row that Seattle has not allowed the opposing team to score a touchdown.

    What a perfect ending to a perfect day.

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    What happened to my Dallas Cowboys? Damn. The game started at 10:30pm here in Germany and I stayed up until 1:30am watching the Eagles walk all over them. Maybe they are not as good as I (or they) think they are?
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      I must be getting bad info. I heard that both Dallas and San Francisco stayed home.
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        Dallas didn't seem to show up for the game, but it was played at home. Not sure about the other one.
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          Richard, you are corect, both Dallas and San Francisco stayed at home, and the visiting teams kicked their collective butts.

          And, you are also right...it appeared that both Dallas and San Francisco never got out of bed...stayed home....ate turkey. Became turkeys

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            Seattle is rolling like a Freight Train for sure, they are looking goooooooooooood!
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              I have never watched a game that l liked better than watching my Gkids pulling up the drive at my house.

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                Originally posted by tommyone View Post
                I have never watched a game that l liked better than watching my Gkids pulling up the drive at my house.

                Tommy, that is because...you Sir...are blessed with having GrandKids. Poor old me, I have to suffer through the slings and arrows of just watching football.

                Go Seahawks !!!!!!

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                  Du Boys are waiting on the Du Bears this thursday

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