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  • TIA - mini-stroke

    This could be a life changer for those of us who have experienced TIAs or a full stroke. I truly wish these folks Godspeed!

    Joe T.

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    My neighbor had a TIA.
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      They told me I had one, turned out to be stress migraines. Pretty scary when you're told that's what happened and that you'll most likely have a stroke. Next time it happened I went to a neurologist and got correctly diagnosed. While they aren't fun, at least I don't fear death when they start to come on.

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        I had a stroke about 4 years ago and was lucky. The clot dissolved on the way to the hospital in the get better quick truck. They kept me for a few days and did all the tests and determined that it was a stroke but no real lasting damage. I probably killed more brain cells during my drinking career. The clot was caused by A-fib that was supposed to be fixed with cardioversion but it didn't last and I wasn't taking the coumadin. Now I'm on rat poison for life but it beats the option.
        Stroke is nothing to mess with so if there is any question call 911 and get it dealt with ASAP.

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