Can Unions threaten JOBS?

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  • Can Unions threaten JOBS?

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    Who woulda thunk??

    Joe T.

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    Not surprising at all.
    I originally come from an area with a very strong union presence and really learned to hate Unions and their mob like tactics. In fact, I turned down more than a few jobs because I did not want to join a Union.
    Labor unions served a valuable service years ago, but like so many other good things have become corrupt over the years.

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      I also grew up in a union infested sewer. Port Arthur, TX was a huge oil refinery town when I was a kid. The entire town was corrupt from the mayor on down with open gambling, prostitution, etc. and the AF of L CIO oil refiinery union practiced their thuggery as they wished. Now the oil refineries that were once owned by such giants as Texaco and Gulf Oil are owned by smaller no-name companies and are mostly automated. Thousands of jobs were lost and the city has a smaller population now than it did in the 1960s.

      The list of examples of unions killing jobs and cities starts with Detroit, MI and contains the names of perhaps 100 cities whose names we all know.

      More cars are built in the non-union south now than in Detroit. Large and succesful companies don't tolerate unions or dumocrap politics and taxes. They simply shut down and move somewhere else.
      Harvey Barlow
      Crosby County, TX
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        Not so long ago Dayton, OH was union everything. Big automotive manufacturing, NCR, trucking, and automotive component manufacture, plus others. Now....all gone and buildings stand empty or torn down. All the ex-workers that I come across blame the company management and the unions. Never themselves. I have worked in the machine tool trade for years. I managed a medium sized company that did extensive work for Delphi and Chrysler. It never ceased to amaze me how they even got a product out the door. Drugs, alcohol, prostitution, unions trying to stop work, absenteeism, workers cars damaged, excessive waste of money to maintain and keep useless workers on the job, finally collapsed the house of cards. We used to do a lot of repair too, and especially on bib dies. 90% of the dies that came to us had been worker sabotaged. I hear workers bragging how they put beer cans in the doors, left bolts loose, used non-conforming parts and components in assembly, and on and on. BRAGGED about it....very disheartening for sure........

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