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  • Feelin' Good!

    I'm getting old. Trying to cut back and lose a little weight. Not dieting just cutting back. Like eating two peanut butter cups instead of four, stuff like that.
    I woke up the other day and was feeling pretty good. I could sense my wife of 48 years waking up next to me. She opened her eyes and I told her good morning.
    She replied in same.
    I said "Let my have your hand, I want you to feel something."
    She gave me her hand and I guided it into position and said "What do you think about that?"
    She replied, "Wow Grandpa, I haven't felt that in a long time! I'm impressed!"

    RIB BONES!!!

    Get you minds out of the gutter!
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    As soon as you said you were cutting back on the peanut butter cups, I know exactly what you were going to say. LOL
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      way too funny.
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