Have any of you seen this message before?

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  • Have any of you seen this message before?

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Name:	PermanentBan.jpg
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    Not a greeting I was expecting when logging into another forum.
    -- John --

    Love Corvettes (C5) and love the Goldwing

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    Looks like a typical Verticalscope greeting.

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      Were you a bad boy?
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        My first one said 7 days rather than never, I figure my next one will be like that.

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          I have seen that on quite a few occasions myself. Bunch of sissy's frequent that board with very very thin skin.

          to me personally seeing the above Banned was a bit of relief. Now I don't feel cornered with helping the asshats at the same time helping the normal folks out if I could,
          Life is Tough, But It's Tougher If You're Stupid: "John Wayne"

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            They claim to have 34,000+ members. Is that possible?
            Live to ride, ride to live

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              Originally posted by MacMan View Post
              They claim to have 34,000+ members. Is that possible?
              That number includes the dead, banned and folks that haven't visited the site in years.

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                I got that message on the gl1800riders forum. Repeated inquiries to the admins went unanswered. Apparently, VBulletin doesn't have a ban category for "The mods are biased, and don't have a real reason".
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