The Head of design for the new GL1800!

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  • The Head of design for the new GL1800!

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ID:	17509 Sooo true!

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    I've been retired now for near three years now and enjoying moving at my own pace. I was laying on the couch the other and the wife comes in and the conversation went something like this.

    Wife - What are you doing?
    Me - Nothing.
    Wife - You did that yesterday and the day before, NOTHING!
    Me - I know, but I'm not done yet.

    Friend calls up, who is still working.

    Friend - What are you doing?
    Me - Nothing.
    Friend - You did that yesterday when I called you. Aren't you done yet.
    Me - Nope.

    Talking to neighbor across the alley from me.

    Neighbor - What are you doing?
    Me - Nothing.
    Neighbor - Man, I wish I could do get away with doing nothing. My wife would kill me if she caught be doing nothing.
    Me - Get a new wife.

    Doing nothing allows me to think through the complexities of life so I don't screw up and have to do something over. So I understand the OP.

    "I ask, sir, what is the militia? It is the whole people, except for few public officials." (George Mason, 3 Elliot, Debates at 425-426)

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      I've wondered for some time now just how many are really wanting a new Goldwing model?
      Honda marketing people probably have a pretty good idea and I would think that if there really was a huge demand, that we would already see it in their product line.
      I really suspect that all the posts we see on different forums are coming from a relatively small but vocal group.

      For me, it wouldn't matter if Honda announced a new GL2500 9 speed with AC and power windows and door locks.
      I'm completely satisfied with the 1800.

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        Sometimes doing nothing takes up all my time

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