How do you feed a C5 galaxy?

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  • How do you feed a C5 galaxy?

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    I have actually road in both of them! Quite the Aircraft!
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      That thing is too big to fly
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        When lift, thrust, drag and gravity(weight) are all equal flight is achieved.

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      Have you ever seen the super guppy now that thing looks worse than the bumble bee about flight possibilities

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          And I thought this was going to be about a Samsung smartphone! :o

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            Kniterider that looks like a flying Dolphin

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              We had the C-5 at Altus AFB. They called it the alumium overcast. I think it did not it actually flew but its image was projected with mirrors into the sky. Seriously, we missed them when they moved them to texas. The C-17 is nice but I miss that big bus flying around. The c-17 is pretty cool way to fly with VIP package installed. It is nice to,get up and walk around the cargo bay during the flight instead of being trapped in airline seats. It sure was neat riding in the front with the pilots during take offs and during a air refueling mission. It is just scary for two huge planes to be that close together.

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                I saw that guppy looking thing once when it flew into Altus AFB. It was like WTH when I saw it go over. Talking ugly.....

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                  This one takes the ugly award for me...the Carvair...

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