Awesome Words from Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings).

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  • Awesome Words from Adrian Peterson (Minnesota Vikings).

    I'm not a football fan and didn't have a clue who this guy was until all of the press in the last few days. After doing a little Googling... it's obvious to me that this guy worked hard and did well in school... after all, he did make it through his junior year at the University of Oklahoma. Here's an example of how well he can communicate.

    "I felt so bad," one of Peterson's messages reportedly read. "But he did it to his self [sic]." Peterson never answers when asked what he hit the child with, but later says, "Be still n take ya whooping he would have saved the scare [scar]. He aight [all right]."
    We're talking Rhodes Scholar material here...

    Apparently Peterson's dad is an ex-con, I guess thugs don't fall far from the tree.
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    Sadly, I am so used to it, I knew exactly what he was saying.
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      I certainly do not condone abuse of any child, however this example in our society does put the icing of demise upon us for sure. All wish crime to stop, all wish others to have more respect to others and we all know the reason for our continued fall into the hole of the abyss. Yet very few will accept the truth of the cause of our continued deterioration.

      Yesterday I stopped at a garage to borrow a set of cam holders as I plan to put a new timing belt on my wife's Kia(never buy a Kia by the way they are a nightmare to work on) and as my buddy was busy I sat down in the lobby for a bit.

      The woman who runs the front desk, the girl Friday had her two kids with her, that is cool, it is after all a family business and she just takes her kids to work with her. It was around 2 p.m. and time for the little devils naps. Now you can look at this with a grin and have a laugh or you can realize the seriousness of how our society has become.

      They would not take their naps, two boys one about five and one about I dunno seven? All they would do is fight, fight some more and then fight some more. Lol! She demanded they behave a dozen times, she counted to three a dozen times, she threatened them with this, with that and they did not slow down. Instead were demands of protest such as I am too old to take a nap, I do not have to take a nap, he started it ,and the big one was even at this age one of them said when she did threaten them with a belt, I will tell on you. Yes they know, they know even at this age that they can control the parent.

      Now when I was a little devil I would have been told one time to do something, if I did not I would have gotten half a dozen licks with a limber green switch, and even if I was not sleepy I would have been quiet and behaved. At least until next time. Lol!

      I have watched our society go from simple discipline of a child to the promotion of all things evil and bad. This failure to be allowed to correct a child has taken a toll upon all of society. We are now at the point that children control the parent and tell the parent, there is nothing you can do to me because if you do I will tell on you.

      Each time something like this hits the news and more books with the wisdom of Dr. Freud are published and adopted by those without kids who know all about kids we lose the game.

      Those two little boys so full of mischief, did need to have their tails warmed up. Telling them to sit in the corner only convinces them nothing at all will happen to them. Constant threats fall on deaf ears.

      When kids are allowed to make the rules then what we see across society is what we have today, and this even carries into our military, where the Sargent must conduct his training of the troops in a nice and gentle manner, this Sargent cannot get in the face of a recruit and yell at this WORM, or the whole thing will be on the six o'clock news and this evil Sargent must be kicked out and punished. Lost to all is the simple fact that the crybaby will cause others to die in true combat.

      Just what I see in our society, and what I think is the main cause of much crime, and this liberal attitude that allows so many things to develop and become a part of society.

      I hear flap about 40 lashes, I have no clue, that is abuse for sure. However lost is the simple fact that kids do not respond to empty threats, and kids must be corrected and kids who learn they can control the parents, hand to us all that we have today as we continue our circle into the black hole.

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        Couldn't agree more, Kit.

        I witnessed a little devil a few years ago in Florida. We were at a resort with a large pool, one kid floating on a mattress in the middle refused to come to the side. His mother was threatening all manner of dire consequences, that the kid just totally ignored. Finally he went to the side and all his mom did was ask him what he wanted for lunch. My son asked what I would have done, I told home I would have dived in and drowned him.
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          One of my pet peeves is "counting". Why should it be "Stop. I'm going to count to three. One Two Three"? Even if the parent is 100% faithful to doing something at "three", all they have done is train the child that "stop" doesn't mean anything - you've got until the count of three.

          I brought my kids up so they understood - if they did not "stop" when I said "stop", there were consequences to be paid. They're all grown, and even now they need an occasional reminder.
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