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  • NFL -Thursday Nite,Sunday Nite & Monday Nite

    How many Watch and How do you watch it? I have NFL Sunday ticket from DirectV and the only thing I watch is the REDZONE on Sunday. It's Great Covers every play (highlights) as well and No Commercials (AS IN NONE) - For the last few years I've DVR'd the week night games - and tried to watch the next day only to be ruined by the news reports or Way back when the news papers (score).

    What I have been doing is Set the DVR up and then I start watching about 2hrs after the start - I can Fast Forward thru all the Current BS of telling Folks how everyone shouldn't beat there women or NOT have a Gun or what ever way -The Current ruling Class wants you to think how to run your life .

    I found the game last night (chicago) to be very Good even though there were more flags thrown than on June 14th :D

    It makes the game way more enjoyable to watch the players -Play and my Blood Pressure doesn't make my head hurt with all the commentary and constant BUY THIS or SUE for that strange streak that now is in your under wear.

    Try it if you haven't thought of it

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    I only watch the 49er's on TV and was not happy with how they played in the fourth and all those penalties during the whole game. I thought I was watching Oakland Raiders of old. I watched the protest on the news of Blue Cross Insurance buying a Sky Box for $2.5 million and a bunch of people wanted to use the box for free and wanting to know who's money did they use to buy it.
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      Well -I don't have any affection for either team , But the first 49 touchdown should have been called back -they got away with a delay game -the play clock ran out Also they flagged Kap with using "Wrong Words" foul as well - I got a kick out of chicago's "Tillman" replacement - they used a First round rookie that stole 2 of KAP (the Thug) passes and put Chicago Up to win the game.

      My Team is the Dead Skins - AT least they Broke RG3 so we could win a game.

      Sorry your team lost - but it's only week 2
      Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, never paid for a divorce

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        I can watch the Cowboys lose for free.
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          Originally posted by Cruiseman View Post
          I can watch the Cowboys lose for free.

          Watchin' with Ad's and commentary is not my idea of a good Sunday I can see how they lost in real time and everyone else
          Whoever said money can’t buy happiness, never paid for a divorce

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            I last interest in football several years back. If I'm at someone's house and it's on, I'll watch it with them, but not a big fan.

            My wife is a bigger spectator sports fan than I am. She'll occasionally turn on a Dallas Cowboys game, but that's not really "football"
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