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  • Ouch!!!

    I got my electric bill today for the month of July. This July has been the hottest July ever in the Valley of the Sun. My bill was 330 dollars. I have a 3 ton a/c for the house and a 2.5 ton a/c for my garage and I have been using them a lot. My electric bill is always the highest in July but this bill is a record high for me. I guess that it goes with the territory. I put up with the heat so I can ride through the winter months.
    Anyone beat 330?
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    That's one thing I don't want to compete for. Mine was nowhere close. I've seen bills almost that high 30 years ago in my house. My Grandparents built it in 1971. I bought it from my Dad in 2005. Promptly installed another 12 inches insulation in the attic and the most efficient unit Trane had to offer. Have never broke $150 in one month yet. Heating or cooling. I feel for those that do.

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      Most expensive bill that I had was when I lived in Fresno CA and it was $275
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        This thread makes me ashamed (almost) to admit my most recent electric bill was over $33.00. It's difficult to cool a 4,000 square foot house in this heat.

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        Y'know, we had evaporative cooling only until about eight years ago when I ponied up to install AC on this '80's vintage cracker-box home I call mine!

        Home alone during the day, I can let it get to 82 or 83 (when it's 110 outside), and can get it to 79 or 80 before bedtime. During the monsoon season, it may need to run a bit more for the de-humidification process to help make the place feel a bit better, especially at night. Oh, yeah, no solar, and my power bill is under $200/mo. this time of year.

        With those new-fangled smart (-a**ed) thermostats, I can see a healthy difference between running the A/C 10 hours a day and when it runs six or seven hours a day. After more than a year of having that 'stat, the amount of power savings darn near paid for that gadget.
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          Couple years ago when the house next door was up for sale.

          I dug a trench from my house to it.
          I threw is a 30 Amp circuit breaker. through a buried conduit pipe (Avoiding electrical shock ya know)

          The new neighbor complains that his bill is way higher than mine.

          My AC bill is near nothing now.
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