A Gold Wing Flat-Six Is The Heart Of This Adorable Microvan

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  • A Gold Wing Flat-Six Is The Heart Of This Adorable Microvan

    "There’s nothing like an icy cold treat on a hot day, especially if you’re walking around checking out iron at a great bike or car show outdoors. Why more vendors of frozen treats don’t show up to those events, I wish I knew. Luckily, John Salazar knows what’s up. That’s why he and his family put this 1992 Daihatsu Hijet kei van together for the family shave ice business. Their primary goal: Hit all the car and bike shows they loved to visit anyway as a family, and sell cold treats"


    The video is a little weak, ad in the beginning of it, and you only get a couple of glympses at the the engine.

    An interesting build, regardless.
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    Very cool!
    George, High in the hills of Jersey!

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      I have been running an opposed 6cyl engine in my "Cute" Mini Van for over 45 years! In fact my recently restored Pickup truck also has the same 6cyl opposed engine. I see these as grandpa's of the Goldwing 6cyl. Remarkably similar in size and output. Just with 60 year old technology.
      By the way I have 367,000 miles on the Van right now.
      So yes... I'm quite a fan of the opposed 6cyl engine designs!

      Corventure Dave
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      • travellingtenor
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        You sure don't see those on the road. In fact I can't remember the last time I actually saw one. Pretty cool looking.

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      Back in the day my uncle had a few of the Chevy Greenbriar vans. He ruined the engine in every one. He was always hard on vehicles, according to my dad.

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