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  • Show off yer computer skillz

    While I was also helping out family members prep and move into a new-to-them home close by, I was winding down by doing this:

    Now, my wife is looking for an upgrade as well.

    It may not be seven years between computer builds next time around.

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    that is pretty bad assed!!

    gamer no doubt..

    2018 Pearl Stallion Brown DCT

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      Workstation/game box/crypto<??> yes - Mattbcnv Heheheh...

      Now, even computer geeks screw up. I under-spec'd that original PSU - badly. It would idle, but as soon as I put the spurs to it, it would reboot!

      I really didn't get a chance to troubleshoot the system that was screwing up a week or so after I built it until I got back from our little trip - and our guest was occupied with my wife.

      Replaced Corsair CX550M PSU with RM750x earlier today. No blips in the last couple of hours - and I was able to run a couple of graphics benchmarking programs with no issues.

      I've not really tweaked the GPU a lot just yet.

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      • kwthom
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        No need to tweak...120 FPS, 80°C max running a couple of pretty meaty benchmark programs, 1080P High, DirectX.
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