If your Parents or older relitives are still with us?

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  • If your Parents or older relitives are still with us?

    Someone sent me this. It started out as being funny (on scammers)

    Then as you listen to the end (20 mins)

    The guy is dead on in what he says. He kept the scammer busy for 2 hrs, and that meant no one else was scammed by the caller in those 2 hrs!!!

    Pass it along to those you care about. It's funny- But has a valid message.


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    As funny as the video is to watch. When my mother was alive she was constantly bombarded by legitimate businesses. They would start off real generic about your back hurting or trouble getting up & down. Then tell her she’s eligible for their product and her insurance will pay for it or most of it. On & On.
    For what it’s worth I’ve written my U S representatives about phone scammers.
    Scammers have made my home phone totally worthless.

    If a politician wants my vote this area would be a good place to start. Stop phone scammers and spoofers.

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    • Rocky
      Rocky commented
      Editing a comment
      Sadly many seniors do in fact get scammed by these creeps preying on older folks.

      The video illustrates one of there tactics.
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