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  • Six Songs on your bike's playlist

    I'm procuring another idea from another dimension...

    I've been updating some of the tunes that go along with me on the bike - about this time of year is a good time to retire some and add new stuff to the mix.

    Well, 'new' is a relative term, isn't it?

    Okay, so the goal is to make another repository of tunes. I'm gonna ask that you do one thing for me....if you'd put your list together as

    Artist - Title

    Over time, a comprehensive listing of songs can be edited together that we share.

    I could start with some die-hard 70's/80's rock everybody has heard, but that's no fun.

    I'll start off on a tangent...all are on YouTube, if you've never heard them...or, probably more like, it's been decades since you've heard them!

    Jasper Wrath - Follow Me Down
    Den Fiori - Cheer Down
    Mason Proffit - Two Hangmen
    Procol Harum - Repent Walpurgis
    Roger Mcguinn/The Byrds - America's Great National Pastime
    Tarney Spencer Band - The Race Is Almost Run

    Okay - your turn!

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    Autokratz - Idiots are winning
    Skrillex - I want to kill everybody in the world
    Sash - Equador (Korg Pa 900) Elektro Remix
    Keesh & Scotty Lee - Deja Vu (Matty Lincoln Remix)
    Justice Crew - Boom Boom (Djuro Bootleg/Remix)
    Foreigner vs Yazoo - Urgent Situation

    Ton's of oldies from way, way back, and a mix of electro spanning the last couple decades. Three Dog Night, KC & The Sunshine Band, Dazz Band,
    Steve Miller, Snap, Queen, Patrick Cowley, Prince, Ohio Players, Midnight Star, Michael Jackson, …………………………………………………..etc..

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