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  • Hello from Holland

    Hello, my name is Harry Nelissen from Venray in the Netherlands and 60 years old.

    I am a Goldwing driver since 1979 and have had all variants since then and I am waiting now for delivery of my 2018 DCT/Airbag which should be delivered this or next week and I will trade my 2013 Airbag. This will be my 37th Motorcycle and 25th GoldWing.

    I drive a lot, now even more that I am retired and mainly on backroads through Europe and North Africa and sometimes also off the tarmac.
    For this reason I also have a Honda Africa Twin CRF1000 which I will also upgrade this month to a DCT version. For back to basis driving and memories I also own 2 GoldWing 1000 LTD's, one in the European version and the other American version, both in very good condition.

    Like with every new model GoldWing, I expect also this first year for the new 2018 bikes there will be some initial problems, which Honda will solve as I have experienced in the past.

    I look forward to read other GL1800 2018 rider experiences and tips and introduction of usefull accessories (my chrome days are over a long time ago).
    Harry, winger since 1979
    2018 GL1800 Tour Airbag/DCT Candy Ardent Red/Black
    2018 CRF1000 Africa Twin DCT Tricolor
    1976 2x GL1000 LTD Maroon (1x EU, 1x US specification)

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    Welcome aboard! Remember to post photos and impressions when you get your DCT/Airbag. Ride safe!
    2008 Red GW1800 -- NRA Life Member - American Legion PUFL, American Legion Riders
    USMC 21 YRS/9 MO and when dead, a dead Marine.
    US Four Corner Ride https://clayusmcret.blogspot.com/
    2014 Mid-States Ride https://mid-states.blogspot.com/
    2015 NC to UT/NV Ride https://2015nvride.blogspot.com/

    50th State ridden on 19 Aug, 2016 DS #1584

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      Welcome to the forum...25 Gold Wings...Honda loves you...I had a 1500 and now an 1800...Congratulations on your new 2018

      John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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        Welcome to the forum.
        Having two older bikes.
        1981CB900C 10 Speed.
        1986 GL1200 SEI.

        I'm kind of envious that you have not 1 but 2 76 LTD's
        I'd like to see your Gold anodized trim GL1000 LTD's. (Please post a pic or two.)
        *****You may not like the Truth-But that don't change it!!*****
        "Life is Tough-It's tougher when you are Stupid!."
        Rocky Tree/Progressive Mono tubes/Comfort Risers.
        Current Bikes
        2004 GL1800
        1986 GL1200 SEI
        1981 CB900C

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