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  • Howdy From Guthrie Oklahoma

    Howdy Everyone, I'm willing to bet that that this new site will be a great
    one. Looking forward to getting to know others and making some new friends
    2002 GoldWing 1800, VStreem Windshield, HID's, Digital MP3 Player,
    Bull Dog Alarm System, Belly Pan, RAM Cup Camera Garmin holders.

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    Welcome. You know, I have been to Guthrie...many years ago. I was born in Tulsa.
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      Howdy Cruiseman, And thanks for the welcome to the new GLFORUM. I've been here in this area for about 3 years now. When I first moved to Oklahoma I lived in Arnett for about a couple of years but it was just to far from the city and the better doctors and such. I moved to Luther for a while, then from there to where I am now between Guthrie & Edmond. I love it here. Still in the country but yet close enough to the city so when I need to go shopping or see the doc, It's only six mile ride into town. I was born and raised on the Mojave Desert in so. calif. and I have to say that I do miss the desert. I'm planing a ride back out and will be taking in some sites along the way. The V. L. A. is one of them. The only thing about the ride that I'll not like is..... I'll be alone :o I have no to ride with. Anyway....... Hey thanks for the welcome Cruiseman Hope all is good there in Texas.
      2002 GoldWing 1800, VStreem Windshield, HID's, Digital MP3 Player,
      Bull Dog Alarm System, Belly Pan, RAM Cup Camera Garmin holders.

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        Welcome Goodolboy1

        John - Richmond 2013 GL1800, Level 3

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        • Goodolboy1
          Goodolboy1 commented
          Editing a comment
          Howdy and thanks for the welcome John
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